Victoria Crowe, Arcadia Disturbed

Victoria Crowe, Arcadia Disturbed, 737 x 940mm

Victoria Crowe born 1945. Lives in Scotland. Painter in watercolour, printmaker. Studied Kingston College of Art, Royal College of Art, Lecturer in drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art since I968. Exhibits regularly in London, Edinburgh and elsewhere. Her pictures are in private collections in Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, japan, USA and Britain. She is represented in public collections including The Nuffield Foundation, the Scottish Arts Council, and the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. She says of her paintings, “I have worked mostly from landscape and have always been interested in Russian culture and painting — particularly the multi-images in Russian icon paintings. One early painting was based on a photograph of Svetlana Stalin in a hammock amid lush forests. This appears in Arcadia together with a drawing of Eisenstein’s Ivan the Terrible. Arcadia is about all these things, the enduring beautiful forest with images of man that have been significant to me in an historical sense.”


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The Water Gardens,
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