The gallery also offers opportunities for artists to promote and sell their work. Exhibition space is available at the front of the building.  Within the gallery there is also the opportunity to exhibit on our community boards. These are available to a variety of groups who would like to present art projects, such as schools, charities and local hobby groups.

We encourage local artists to get involved at the Gibberd Gallery in many ways; we can offer artists experience of putting up shows and the organising of exhibitions by volunteering with us. More information about this on our volunteers page.

Volunteering opportunities are varied and interesting and offer the chance to be involved in the arts. Please navigate to the volunteers page to find out more about getting involved with the gallery.


Community Boards

Placed within the gallery the community boards are available for local community groups or local artists that would like to display art projects such as schools, charities or hobby groups. This offers a great opportunity for an art project to have its own exhibition and unveiling. Available to book for £60 for charities and £80 for non- charity organisations for one month with the gallery taking a 30% commission. Please contact the gallery if you would like to book the community boards or would like more information.

Window Exhibition Space

In a prime location with large numbers of people visiting the Civic Centre in Harlow and the Water Gardens the window space is a great opportunity to get your work seen in Harlow’s centre.  Located at the front of the building they are available to loan for a small charge of £30 for two weeks and 15% commission on sold works. Already proving popular with local artists if you feel it’s an opportunity you would be interested in please contact the gallery and we can discuss availability and any requirements you may need.

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