Easter Holiday and Saturday Free Family Art Workshops. Celebrating 'Harlow is 70'

To celebrate 'Harlow is 70' The Gibberd Gallery will be hosting a variety of free family art workshops on the following dates from 11am to 2pm.

 Easter Holiday Workshops

Harlow: Architecture as Art

Monday 3rd April, Thursday 6th April and Monday 10th April

Did you know that Harlow had the very first high rise block of flats built in 1951 and the very first shopping precinct?

Built after World War II, Harlow's buildings offered much needed housing to areas of London which had been badly bombed and many old houses destroyed.  The new houses and flats in Harlow in comparison were bright and modern, the new residents were very excited to be living in such a fresh, green and clean town - Some had never had their own front door before.

Come and have lots of fun this Easter creating our very own model new, New Town,  Fold, draw, stick - plan, construct, decorate and watch it grow.

Bring a photo of your own front door or create a collage or drawing of your window at the workshop and add it to one of the building we will create together.

 Suitable for all.


Saturday 8th April, 20th May and 10th June 

Harlow: Land and Sky with artist Averil Sinnott.  

A three-part workshop will explore the relationship between the town and its geography over the past seventy years.  The oirginal ideas which shaped and cultivated Harlow'sidentity have morphed and changed over time.  Now 'Harlow is 70' is a tremendous opportunity to mark how the town has evolved.

The workshops will explore the ideals and designs uopn which Harlow was founded and document the evolution of the storey through investigative imagery taken from the ground and air.  These images, combined with the origanal plans, will form the basis of a collaborative intallation painting, created by participants of 'Harlow is 70'.

During each workshop, participants will learn how to use and manipulate paint ot create their own response to the town through a dynamic abstract/landscape painting.  Eash of these individual works, will help form the installation as a whole.  A seperate yet interconnected body of work.  A reflection of how residents respond to living in Harlow.

Suitable for adults and young people aged 13 and over.





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